Can I use the vectors (i.e. illustrations, lottie files) commercially (e.g. for client’s works)?

Yes, however free members are required to give attribution link. Please refer to the license

Can I use vectors in app, websites or design templates that I sell?

Yes, you can. However Free members are required to give attribution link to illustratious in the product description.

Can I sell my design files with the vectors included in the design?

Yes, you can leave the vectors in your theme/template/keynote files etc., but you cannot redistribute the vectors as a file, and if you are a free member, you are required to give attribution to illustratious.

Can I resell the illustrations?

No, you can't.

Can I publish illustrations on my own (or other) site with free vectors?

Only if you link the Download button to illustration page on illustratious website (e.g. this is image page) so people can download it from illustratious website (do not use hotlinking). Reuploading to other image sources (for downloading from a different site) is not allowed.

How can I download premium vectors?

You can unlock access by subscribing to the paid plan listed at pricing page.

Can I request custom illustrations?

Yes, you may send your custom requests at hello@illustratious.com.

How can I support illustratious?

There are many ways to do it. The easiest way is to share a link to illustratious.com or you can buy our paid plan to help us pay our bills.

By vectors we mean all of the artwork this website has to offer i.e. illustrations, lottie files etc